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From Principle to Practice™: Bugs, Drugs and Attachments; When Time Matters, Where to find it!
This handbook is a compact easy-to-carry FDA regulatory quick reference handbook on US Regulatory Affairs. You must have it. Navigating the US Regulatory pathways from initial application to the FDA to market approval or clearance is a highly demanding process that is complete with many technical and regulatory challenges when presented with unanticipated program changes; busted timelines; wrong turns; or a Form FDA 483.  Avoiding these pitfalls is what we are all trying to do. The life of your program may depend on it. This guide is a must for regulatory affairs professionals, as a guide and as a drug FDA regulatory handbook, or a biologics FDA regulatory handbook or a medical device FDA regulatory handbook. Use this as Your FDA Regulatory Quick Reference Resource....

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.... Regulatory Quick Reference As An FDA Submission Handbook .... 
The book is an FDA regulatory quick look up guide driven by an index tool, to answer submission questions when going through the FDA regulations in bringing a product to the market. You need this as a reference when time matters.
This regulatory handbook series is a quick guide reference for clinical and research professionals and is designed to cut through the red tape and get to the answers you need when you need them. Time matters with the FDA ! This FDA regulatory quick reference guide as an FDA submission handbook offers a readable and clearly written road map for effective submission of documents for required regulatory reviews during development for drugs, biologics and medical device products.
You will need this FDA regulatory quick reference guide. Research now reaches across many oceans even if it is marketed for use in the USA. What comes with this is an ever changing myriad of definable parameters, regulations and market opportunities. Having the correct information and understanding time lines is critical. Knowing what FDA forms to use, when to use them and where to find them is paramount. This book offers you a quick guide to defining your operation platform to address all of these issues.  

… FDA information with a quick index lookup…

This book is a regulatory submission lookup guide used to answer your questions as a professional. The drug and device market has become a fast-paced, ‘plug-and-play’ environment where companies are having preclinical and clinical studies done in the USA and globally. Navigating the US Regulatory pathways to market or clearance is a highly complex and demanding process. This FDA regulatory handbook was designed to highlight for clients demanding portable work plans. For example; it offers quick references to the 21 CFR. Every client has their own unique challenges in their R&D programs that demand our attention and require regulatory pathways designed for their product’s success leading to the appropriate market approvals or clearances. 

The format of this FDA submission handbook is based on a work plan premise of safe and effective deliverables. To deliver a suitable package of information to the FDA from your research and development teams -  everyone needs to know what is required and where to find it. Dr Mark Brian Anderson shares his knowledge through this guide. This book will help you address who, what, where, when and of course why !!!         
.... Know What You Need .....

- Who has jurisdiction for drugs, biologics, devices, etc.? 
- What preprinted forms or documentation are required? 
- When do we file/submit applications/forms/documents? 
- Where do we find the information and guidance for compliance? 
- Why did we succeed/fail? and 
- How do we best work with the FDA to achieve our goals?

The FDA has supplied many practical forms and guidelines; greater than 1700 to be exact, all to assist sponsors and manufacturers in bringing products from concept to market approval or clearance based on the product’s intended use. Your needs may be very specific and you may need a drug FDA regulatory handbook, or a biologics FDA regulatory handbook, or a medical device FDA regulatory handbook at your fingertips. This handbook brings them all to you in an index look up format. This FDA quick reference will help guide you through the FDA need of your program quickly.  
FDA regulatory affairs guidelines are complex for drugs, biologics and medical device products.This FDA submission handbook is delivered in an index driven format and is an important tool to keep at your fingertips.  You can use it as an IPad tool or IPhone or Kindle. Take it with you. Keep it at your side. Each and every step in the clinic is critical for the success of the organization in bringing your product to market. Planning is key. Fast reaction time is important.  
The FDA is watching. Without following the government regulations to ensure a safe and effective marketable product, you have nothing tangible for business development, investors or consumers to invest in. This FDA regulatory quick reference is a must for regulatory affairs, for drugs, biologics and medical devices. It is the definitive resource as your FDA regulatory submission handbook with a quick look up index. You can clearly see the differences and similarities in all three research program needs from the perspective of the FDA. It is a clean, clear regulatory handbook. You may need to see the differences in topics. You may need a drug FDA regulatory handbook, or a biologics FDA regulatory handbook, or a medical device FDA regulatory handbook all at your fingertips. This book delivers.
The playing field is now large and global. The goal is to understand the many challenges each program faces and provide a feasible work plan with a good understanding of the timelines and deliverables at hand to become successful in the marketplace. This FDA regulatory quick reference series should be the enabler of success in sifting through the FDA regulations and how they apply to your program. This FDA submission handbook is a must have in the area of drugs, biologics and medical devices for every regulatory affairs program professional. This guide is a must for regulatory affairs professionals, as a guide as a drug FDA regulatory handbook, or a biologics FDA  regulatory handbook or a medical device FDA regulatory handbook.
Dr. Mark Brian Anderson offers over 20 years of experience in research and development & regulatory affairs in pharmaceuticals in the biotech industry. His expertise in the area of bugs, drugs and attachments and certification as a regulatory professional brings years of service to your fingertips.  



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