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    About The Author 
     Dr. Mark Anderson received his certification in Regulatory Affairs and is supported by the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society. He completed his certification in Clinical Pathology with the University of Massachusetts. He was awarded a three year Postdoctoral Fellowship with Harvard University in Chemical Biology Research.  Dr. Anderson has over 150 patents and patent applications and has authored more than 100 peer reviewed publications, presentations and posters spanning his career in pharmaceuticals. He now enjoys a robust career as a publisher and guest lecturer at major universities around the country.   
     Dr. Mark Anderson brings over 20 years of experience from Principle to Practice in developing drugs, medical devices and biologics in the Biotech, Startup and Pharmaceutical Industry. His experience history starts with small molecule drug discovery and preclinical development with both large and small pharmaceutical companies. He began my career in Cardiovascular Science, after which he moved to Pfizer, where he was a part of the team that drove women’s health specializing in hormone dependent cancers.  Dr. Anderson then moved on to Myriad Pharmaceuticals as the Vice President of Research & Development where he drove several drugs to the clinic in the area of cancer and neurodegeneration. 
     While consulting, Dr. Anderson was appointed Scientific Director and Chief Scientific Officer in the US for a small Biotech in the San Francisco Bay Area  as an exclusive agent working in the area of infectious disease, wound healing and women’s health. Over the course of his career, he has significantly contributed in concrete research in moving 21 compounds into preclinical development and has been on both sides of major collaborations between Big Pharma and Biotech. 


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